Strategic Planning Processes and Tools


Skill Builder Exercises

Read the proBUILD case study and comment on the problems faced by David McDonald.

Discussion Exercises

 1. Have you been involved in a strategic planning process; perhaps at your work place, your sports organization of church. It may not have had the title "Strategic Planning" but people were asking "what are we doing?", "where are we going?" and "how are we going to get there?".

Recount this event and contrast your experience with the outline process identified in the PowerPoint presentation. Which steps were used if at all. Were any tolls used. Was there resolution and clear plans of action developed.

Go to the Introductory Module Discussion Zone. You will find a heading there under which to enter your posting.

Also, read and comment on other students' postings on this subject.

2. Discuss your response to the proBUILD case study in the Introductory Module Discussion Area.